Clickbank Cash System – Is It Worth All The Fuss?

Posted July 19, 2009 by clickbankcashsystemreviewme
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Is Clickbank Cash System (CB Cash for short) a great product or is it just hype?  A fair question, I must say as there are so many info products out there on the net that claims to do such and such a thing but many a time, fall short of expectation. I shall try answer that at the end of this write-up.  But let us see what Clickbank Cash System has to offer its purchasers.

Clickbank Cash System Review

This system was launched on 7th July 2009 by Chris Cobb. His previous work was “CPA Arbitrage” which was also a popular product.
In a nutshell, what this system offer is a step-by-step guide on how to be successful as an affiliate marketer using Clickbank as your source of products.

I knew I was missing bits and pieces in my journey as an affiliate marketer. Yes, I do earn some in this line but never having being able to do it consistently over a period of time.  Then one of my friends asked me to check out Clickbank Cash System as it has helped him kickstart his online business journey.  I was sceptical at first as I have so many “similar” products collecting electronic dust on my laptop. Read the salespage and say to myself, “Why not?  If it does not work, then I will just return it before 8 weeks as the program offers a 8 week money back policy.

Surprisingly (or not) I was thrilled when I took the time going through the materials of the system.  There is a lot of materials (something like 11 e-books) to digest.  Apart from that, videos also form part of the package. All said and done, I was quite happy with the product as it answers many of the queries I have had regarding making money through Clickbank.  That is why I wrote this piece….so that you too can decide for yourself whether this program suits you or not.

The system itself consist of step-by-step guide on how to succeed as an affiliate marketer with Clickbank.  Chris Cobb, the author also covers some new strategies that is normally not taught by affiliate marketers guru.  The program is really about MAXIMISING.  What this means is that when you put in an effort to get something done, you want to make sure that this effort can bring you the maximum result.

One of the areas that one can maximise is in the area of receiving recurrent income.  Many of us (me included) have been trying to sell e-books and if you do make a sale as an affiliate, you will make a comission. Great but that is all you get. One customer, one commision.  By targetting membership sites, Chris explained that by doing the same thing, you will be able to receive continous monthly comissions.  Effort same but payback more!!

Topics covered by the system is thorough as the author does assume that many of his purchasers are beginners, and that is his target.  In his research with many online marketers, he discovered that one of the missing parts in many of these marketers is a system driven business.  Many rely on putting pieces together but unfortunately, some do not fit so well.
May be basic for some but for others, golden information!!

What is covered by Clickbank Cash System?

A short list of topics covered (not full list) include:

– How to make ongoing sales and commissions so that you get paid for months!
– Why the BIG GUYS don’t tell you this – they’ve been raking it in using systems like this for years…
– How to set-up the technical stuff within a matter of minutes and then forget about it! The set-and-forget system will then do the rest for you!
– Why your very first project will pay you for at least 6 months, allowing you time to enjoy the money or work on your next Clickbank-Cash System for even more money…
– How to do this over and over again!
– And why this works for both product owners and affiliates alike!

There are 2 format provided – a series of e-books and videos.  They work hand-in-hand to provide you a complete picture on how you can maximise your effort with Clickbank.

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Back to the questions

So, is the system a hype-up system?  NO and YES. Let me explain. NO because the system delivers what it says in the salespage. You will also obtain some results if you follow the system to the T.  YES because though you can be as successful as Chris using this system (check out this Clickbank accounts on the salespage), the time that it took to achieve that sort of income is never revealed. Related to that, like in many other programs, what takes a guru 15 minutes to do will take most of us at least an hour (or in my case more than that!).  So how can someone like us achieve the same sort of results like the gurus?

But do not be discouraged.  The important thing is that the system does work and the great thing about it is that even you (and I) can do it if we put our mind and focus on the task ahead.

So, is Clickbank Cash System  for me?

To be honest, this system is NOT for everyone.  If you are struggling with your online business and would like some system to get you up and running, then this product is worth the money you pay for.  But if you consider yourself to be an intermediate marketer, then a large part of the program may seem basic to you.  Check out the product and decide for yourself.

It has a 8 week money back guarantee and at the time of this article, the program is sold for USD 77.00 on its salespage.

Hope this short review whets your desire to find out more.

Good luck to you!